How to Fix Problems With Android Update – Solving Text Sizes Problem in Android Update

How to Fix Problems With Android Update – Solving Text Sizes Problem in Android Update

Google Android updates causes problems with wordscape app

The problem is the text sizes of some of the widgets in the Android apps got changed in a mysterious way. You can see the change in the Setting screen. You will get a question asking how to restore the default settings.

Android update causes problems with wordscape app

The first thing you should do is to go to settings and click on “ometry”. Then you can change the default settings of your phone by going to “ometric”. A graph of the new default settings will appear. It’s better if you ignore the graph and just move the slider over which you would like to adjust the size of the text.

If you want to delete any text from a popup, then you can just long press on it and select “edit” from the menu

In here, you will see all types of items that can be deleted like shortcuts, files, options and many more. Select the text you want to remove from the popup. After that, you can delete it by clicking on the “edit” link from the popup.

It’s not recommended to revert back to the old settings. Instead, you should try to find out what caused those font size changes. If you’re not sure about this, don’t worry. There are professional Android developers who know everything about this kind of stuff. They will fix the problems for you.

If you have installed some special Android fonts, such as italic or oblique, they will also be set as default font size in your device. However, these fonts aren’t always available. So, whenever you set the default font size in your device, your installed Android font gets modified. With these fonts, it can cause a problem with the Android Update causing you to receive error messages like “fonts has been replaced.” So, you need to fix this problem by updating your fonts.

Similarly, if you have changed your default text size in your device, the newly updated text size won’t be correctly displayed on your screen

To see the new text size, tap on the “Settings” icon and then look for” Text Size”. You need to change the value from “auto” to “normal”. This will allow you to display the new text size.

Problems with Android Update can appear even if you aren’t actually having a problem with your device. For instance, if you have taken a picture with your smartphone camera and transferred it to your PC, the snapshot you have taken may contain different background colors and other artifacts that make your photos look bad. So, whenever you want to fix this type of problems, you need to use the Camera Backup Wizard to fix the problems. It can recover your original images without any loss of quality.

Problems with Android Update can appear even if you are not downloading any updates. Whenever you are updating your device, make sure to download all the updates especially if you are using Google’s beta version of Android. These are some of the main reasons why Google Android devices are not able to run smoothly after the update. If you encounter other problems with the update, you can follow the steps mentioned above to repair the problem in no time.

There is also a specific way to repair a text size issue in Android Update

This method works for any phone that is currently undergoing an upgrade. You just need to open the Text Size Fixer application and then click “Settings”. From the settings, you will see an option called “Change Default”. You need to click on it and then you should select “no”, so that your text will be resized to the exact size before the update.

After that, you need to reboot your device in order to complete the process. After rebooting, you should re-click on “Settings” again and choose “Touch Options”. You should then click on “Settings”. From there, you will see an option for “ometric settings”. You should touch this option and you should see a red minus sign.

If you want to fix the text size issue in Android update, this method is the perfect solution for you. It won’t cause any kind of harm to your phone and it will effectively fix the problem. Just make sure that you have the latest version of Android installed on your system before trying this method. If you don’t have that, then this method won’t work for you.

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